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ESSA Federal Education Program Updates from DCPS Citywide Consultation

17 Feb 2017 12:00 PM | Anonymous


Sheryl confirmed receipt of our DC CAPE letter regarding the state’s requirement to appoint an ombudsman responsible for monitoring and enforcing equitable services in private schools. OSSE has not responded to this letter, but it is open to a meeting with DC CAPE representative. If you have any feedback on qualifications/recommendations for OSSE’s hiring of an ombudsman for equitable services to private schools or if you would like to be a part of the conversation, please contact Brian Radziwill at radziwillb@adw.org or 301-853-5357.


Sheryl Hamilton (OSSE) confirmed that DCPS must calculate FY 18 allocations for Title I and Title IIA based on new formulas in ESSA and not as they were calculated in FY 17 under NCLB. OSSE will provide DCPS with guidance on how to do this so there are no set asides off the top. We do not know how this may affect funding for next year, but each school’s funding may increase due to the formula changes. Stay tuned and pay special attention to your allocations and how those funds were calculated.

Title I

For next school year, DCPS will consider proposals to use Title I funds for different types of services beyond Reading and Math services, including STEM, social studies, and career tech. Needs Assessments from DCPS will be forthcoming. DCPS sent out an e-mail (“SY17-18 Instructional Services”) to private school administrators on 3/15/17 to begin to try and solicit feedback from Title I participating schools in regards to program design for next school year. This is a good year to examine your school’s current program design and its effectiveness and make appropriate changes to drive student gains.

Title IIA

It was shared that Title IIA funds will not be restricted to professional development. It is also possible that additional school staff such as social workers, psychiatrists, and therapists can access Title IIA funds for professional development. We have requested and are awaiting the Powerpoint slides on Sheryl Hamilton’s presentation so that we can share this information.

OSSE State Plan for ESSA

Every state has to submit a state plan for ESSA to the Department of Education either in March or July. OSSE has chosen to submit their state plan by the end of March. We requested that provisions of the state plan pertaining to Equitable Services in private schools be shared with us, but have not yet received them from OSSE.